By Peter Paul Gerbrands

For the past seven years, I have been explor­ing how we can con­tribute to the future. I have talked to many peo­ple, read books, lis­tened to pod­casts and reviewed an array of sto­ries, the­o­ries and other infor­ma­tion on web­sites and social media.

My con­clu­sion: In our cur­rent state of being, we are not good at con­nect­ing with the future and what it evokes. We have the capac­ity but have not put much effort into research­ing and train­ing the abil­ity to work effec­tively with the future. I have writ­ten seven let­ters that will be pub­lished on this web­site in the com­ing months on how peo­ple can con­tribute in the future.

The first few let­ters deal with a pro­found change in our con­scious­ness and the dynamiza­tion of our beliefs and world­views. The last 4 about explor­ing and train­ing skills and abil­i­ties. All nec­es­sary steps to con­tribute to the future.
We also offer a range of courses, coach­ing, talks, Q&As and other prac­ti­cal tools to help you con­tribute to the future in your per­sonal, orga­ni­za­tional and social life. These are newly designed and/or cus­tomized for your sit­u­a­tion and context.
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