Before Metamorphosis

Contributing to the Future

March 2-3 and 16-17, April 13-14, June 15-16, 2023

An intensive course to learn, develop and practise your future skills.

We have the plea­sure to offer you a train­ing and dis­cov­ery of skill sets needed for con­tribut­ing to the future. It is our expe­ri­ence that the ques­tions and chal­lenges of our time require new skills, which dif­fer from the ones we cur­rently use and in which we are trained and edu­cated. Our present under­stand­ing and mas­tery of the world brought us to where we are today. The com­plex and com­pli­cated issues we work with in all spheres of life, require that we take a fur­ther, most nec­es­sary step in our development.

I am an instrument, if tuned right I can play with the future

I am an instru­ment, if tuned right can play with the future!

The skills we have learned and mas­tered until now can only give us sim­i­lar insights to those of the past, with the same kinds of results and prob­lems. Our cur­rent knowl­edge, skills, aware­ness and intel­li­gence would greatly ben­e­fit if they were trans­formed by the enhance­ments of our capac­i­ties. The course is hence­forth an encounter with and a train­ing of those enhanced capac­i­ties, enabling us to con­tribute to a sys­temic and sus­tain­able future.

The course is com­prised of the fol­low­ing themes:

  • The train­ing and study of the new skills: Work­ing with Con­tent, Con­nec­tion, Unique­ness and Wholeness.
  • The awak­en­ing of the senses and the power of obser­va­tion, as well as infor­ma­tion pro­cess­ing and data banks.
  • The abil­ity to address the influ­ence and power of sta­tic belief sys­tems and men­tal models.
  • The Other as the gate­way to the future.
  • The recog­ni­tion of the signs of the “invi­ta­tional” qual­ity of the future. Learn­ing to “read” the com­plex lan­guage of liv­ing sys­tems and collaborations.
  • Work­ing with the con­cepts of Empty Space, the Unknown and Unfa­mil­iar, the future in con­nec­tion with the Other and Pre-consciousness.
  • Four fields of infor­ma­tion and their types of data and skills.
  • Learn­ing to use the whole phys­i­cal body, and not just the head, as an instru­ment for finer obser­va­tion and the deeper devel­op­ment of information.
  • The­ory and back­ground of the devel­op­ment of our skills in the course of his­tory; the insights of ground­break­ing philoso­phers and scientists.
  • The art of awak­ing the abil­ity to con­tribute to the future in indi­vid­u­als, teams, organizations.
  • Prac­tic­ing and train­ing of the newly-acquired skills, using col­lec­tive intel­li­gence, act­ing tools, move­ment, group work, dia­logue and feedback.
Before Metamorphosis

We work in 4 two-day modules:

1: Awareness and skills of my physical being

with Paul Har­nischfeger and Frank Bosboom

Becom­ing aware of and train­ing one’s own unique capac­ity for movement.

  • Wis­dom of the body and the dis­cov­ery of the forces of space.
  • Con­nec­tion between body and consciousness.
  • Play­ful­ness and future.
  • Aware­ness of ease, form, beauty and wholeness.

2: Introduction in the tools and skills of the future

with Peter Paul Ger­brands and Paul Harnischfeger

Pre-con­scious­ness, con­scious­ness and intel­li­gence as dif­fer­ent but inte­grated ways into the future. Obser­va­tion as a path into the future.

  • Devel­op­ment of our skills over time.
  • Obser­va­tion, aware­ness, feed­back fields and future skills.
  • From impulse to active influence.
  • The “lan­guage” of whole­ness and uniqueness.

3: Working with tools and skills of the future

with Frank Bos­boom and Markku Wilenius

Using con­scious skills: dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing and cor­re­lat­ing and intel­li­gent skills: think­ing and feel­ing to acti­vate peo­ple teams or orga­ni­za­tions to con­tribute to the future.

  • The func­tion of will in con­scious and intel­li­gent fields.
  • Work­ing with traps, loops, men­tal models.
  • Train­ing to move from intel­li­gent to con­scious activity.
  • Train­ing inter­ven­tion skills.

4: Future skills in the societal dynamics

with Markku Wile­nius and Peter Paul Gerbrands

Col­lab­o­ra­tion and orga­niz­ing approaches that con­tribute to the future. Bring­ing about change and trans­for­ma­tion in com­plex envi­ron­ments and conditions.

  • Work­ing with unique­ness and whole­ness in organizations.
  • Aware­ness of the impact of dom­i­nant belief systems.
  • How to deal with coer­cive soci­etal dynamics.
  • Cre­at­ing space and time to con­tribute to the future.

Our under­stand­ing of and expe­ri­ence with the skills we need to con­tribute to the future, is a work in progress and requires a dynamic approach. It is nei­ther a fin­ished method­ol­ogy, nor do we strive to attain a fixed approach or the­ory. In that sense the course is an open but sta­ble struc­ture in which to inves­ti­gate, prac­tice and dis­cover. The facil­i­ta­tors are able to cre­ate a chal­leng­ing, inspir­ing and gen­tle space to work in.

It is a lively course where skills are trained in move­ment, con­ver­sa­tion, play, research, exchange, the­ory-mak­ing - all through work­ing with rel­e­vant prob­lems and obsta­cles of today.

With the devel­op­ment and deliv­ery of this train­ing we freely make use of the work of: Mau­rice Mer­leau-Ponty, Fritz von Both­mer, Michael Chekhov, Marie Louise von Franz, Hum­berto Mat­u­rana, Dani Nabud­ere, Chris Argyris, Emmanuel Lev­inas, Han­nah Arendt, Peter Brook, and many others.


Frank Bos­boom (1969) works with orga­ni­za­tions and net­works on cur­rent and future soci­etal chal­lenges in hous­ing, wel­fare, edu­ca­tion and health care. Frank’s approach is to work as a learn­ing coach within the orga­ni­za­tions in need for transformation.

Peter Paul Ger­brands (1957) assists orga­ni­za­tions and col­lab­o­ra­tions in find­ing a way into the future. He has a past as stage direc­tor, orga­ni­za­tional con­sul­tant and advi­sor work­ing with com­plex inter­con­nected systems.

Paul Har­nischfeger (1955) is a the­atre direc­tor, act­ing trainer and a teacher of drama edu­ca­tion. He also works as a teacher and ther­a­pist for move­ment and the dynam­ics of space. He is a lover of poetry, story and stone.

Markku Wile­nius (1961) has worked some 30 years with orga­ni­za­tions help­ing them to real­ize how future is dif­fer­ent from past. He is pro­fes­sor of futures stud­ies in the uni­ver­sity of Turku, Fin­land and Unesco Chair of learn­ing for trans­for­ma­tion and plan­e­tary futures.

Additional information

Mod­ule 1: March 2-3
Mod­ule 2: March 16-17
Mod­ule 3: April 13-14
Mod­ule 4: June 15-16
All days from 9.00–17.00

Delft, The Netherlands

€ 3750 (with lunch, with­out VAT)

Infor­ma­tion and reg­is­tra­tion: Please con­tact Peter Paul Ger­brands via this form.

This course can be given any­where and in dif­fer­ent shapes and forms.
Please con­tact us when you have ideas about when, where and how.